Caffeine and Smoke

The most common unhealthy substance that a normal person can be exposed to in a day is smoke and caffeine. Even if the person is health conscious, there is still a possibility that he can unknowingly intake these substances because of the too common sources of it in the environment and in the food we eat.

The intake of caffeine can be good for our body only if it is moderated and controlled which is why we need to know the other sources of caffeine other than coffee for us to control it. Caffeine is a highly addictive drug and is widely known because of its mood affecting effect. Some bad effects of heavy use of caffeine includes addiction to it which results to nervousness, irritability, and headaches, it can also over work the pancreas because of the extra sugar, it can put you in a state of adrenaline and can cause shaking hands, palpitations and wobbly legs.

Smoke intake have very serious effects to the body too, one of the most common effects of it is coughing, rapid breathing, hoarseness, swollen nasal passages, headaches, change in mental status, this is because of the asphyxiants present in it, fainting, coma and seizures are some of its complications after its intake.

Raising the intake levels of smoke and caffeine can really be easy because of its common causes. The most common source of caffeine is coffee of course, cola drinks like coke, mountain dew and pepsi are sources too, even milk chocolate candy bars and baking chocolate are included in the list of caffeine sources. Some weight control aids are also sources of caffeine, and this one can give you higher caffeine intake than coffee.

A common source of smoke is a smoking person, in which, a smoking person can be more harmful to the person beside him which inhales the smoke that he releases than for him as the one smoking the cigarette. Other sources of smoke would be combustion, which can be very common in the presence of automobiles.

To keep your body from the bad effects of caffeine and smoke, try to avoid the sources mentioned above. Drinking decaffeinated coffee or turning to exercise rather than drinking normal coffee and taking weight loss pills can be a great alternative for you. Avoiding smokers in public areas or putting a handkerchief on your nose and mouth can also help you avoid intake of smoke.

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