Health and Alcohol

Health is a very broad issue when chosen to be tackled or discussed in a certain topic, there are lots of solutions to certain problems at present time and it is just growing larger and larger as the technology advances. Take for example the effect of alcohol to our health, getting dizzy and drunk is not just the sole effect of alcohol when it enters our body, no, it’s actually much deeper and serious than that.

Drinking alcohol can lead to death, and this is not just because of accidents and fights, but because of the high concentration of alcohol in your body. Alcohol poisoning or acute alcohol intoxication is not widely known but this happens in the real world and this must be avoided as an obvious reaction. Reduce your intake of alcohol for your own sake and protect your body from other harmful effects of alcohol.

Intake of alcohol can also be beneficial to the body and this should be the only effect we get from it! This one goes out to the ones who cannot sleep well at night or are having night disruptions, alcohol is said to increase total sleep time and reduce any awakening during the night but only in low doses of about 12 ounces. The abuse of alcohol always leads to a negative effect; chronic abusers of alcohol are susceptible to negative side effects like sleeping disorders and so on, so make sure you control your intake of alcohol.

The effect of alcohol is noticeably and solely dependent upon its consumer, if the person is an abuser of alcohol then he is likely to reap and suffer the negative effects, and if the person is in control of his intake, then he will reap the benefits of alcohol.

Our health is more important than temporary pleasure. Avoid the bad influence peers and chose your friends wisely. Take care of your health by not abusing alcohol, remember to always consider the effects and always choose not to risk anything in the future by what you drink today.

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