Learn to Be a Fitness Role Model for Your Kids

There is definitely a childhood obesity problem, but obesity is affecting adults as well. This often leads to children who follow in the footsteps of their parents. Fighting obesity as a family is a great choice, which means that parents need to be fitness roll models. You can teach your kids how to eat right and stay fit. Here are some helpful tips to help you be a good fitness role model for your kids.

Get Active

If you want to be a role model for your kids, you need to get active. Teach kids that every bit of exercise is great. Small things like parking further away or walking to get the mail can make a difference. Focus on getting 30 minutes of good exercise a day as well. If you are active, your children are more likely to be active.

Keep Portion Size in Mind

You need to keep portion size in mind. It’s easy to eat more than a serving size, and then kids think that your idea of a serving is the right serving size. Not only should you watch your portions, but teach your kids about healthy portion sizes so they make good choices.

Cut Back on Television and Computer Time

Cut back on television and computer time for yourself. Then you can do this with your kids. Too many kids spend too much time watching television or getting on the computer. When you cut back in these areas, you have more time to exercise.

Eat Meals as a Family

Eating together as a family helps you to be a better fitness role model for your kids as well. You’ll be able to better control what your kids are eating and you can also show them good eating habits when you are together.

Keep Healthy Foods in the Fridge

If you have unhealthy foods in the home, you and your kids will eat them. Keep healthy foods in easy reach, such as apples, yogurt, veggies, and more. Eat good snacks yourself to set the example.

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