Eating Healthy: What, How, and When

Eating well is not just about getting your stomach full and being full, eating well means that you are also sustaining your health and over all well being by the foods you choose to eat. This includes how and when you eat your food too. Not everything edible is healthy, and since we rely on food for energy, it is important to know how food can affect us. And also because our body has a biological clock, it is also essential not just to eat the right food but also to eat at the right time.

Eating the right food means choosing to eat healthily. Not all healthy foods are as delicious as `sweets’, but some are actually tasty and satisfying. As always, green leafy vegetables, or any vegetable for that matter, are always on top of the list. Nothing is as healthy as a green diet but eating fiber-rich food or protein rich food can also better for your body.

Eating your food on time also helps your body. Our body has a biological clock; and this clock is what triggers certain functions of the body like the excretion of bile in the stomach in meal times to digest the food that is supposed to be there. Eating acidic food is not just the cause of ulcers but also not eating your meals on time. There are lots of causes of ulcers and the following this advice can greatly decrease your chances of having an ulcer. If you have to skip a meal, munching up on non-acidic snacks will also be okay.

Always eat well, eat the right foods, eat it on time and chew it properly. Chewing your food helps in digestion and thus, helps in making the body get the nutrients from the foods you eat. Don’t hurry to gobble up your food, take time to chew it and savor the taste. Stop and enjoy your keeping your body healthy.

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