3 Things You Need in Your Exercise Program

Are you trying to come up with a good exercise program? If so, you want something that will be interesting and something that will provide you with the fitness results that you are looking for. Here is a look at three things that you need to have in your exercise program.

1 – Safe and Effective Exercises

The first thing you need as a part of your exercise program is safe and effective exercises. You want to make sure that what you are doing is safe. The last thing you need is an injury. You also need to ensure that exercises that are a part of your program are effective. If an exercise doesn’t work well for you, eliminate it from your program.

2 – Some Aerobic Exercise

Another thing that you need in your exercise program is some aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise gets your heart rate going and uses large muscle groups for a period of time that is sustained. Some great exercises include walking, jumping rope, dancing, and jogging. Other options that are non-weight bearing, including cycling, rowing, and swimming. Get this type of exercise 3-4 times a week for the best results.

3 – Some Strength Training

While some cardio is great, you need to have some strength training in your exercise program as well. Strength training helps to work on your muscles. Building muscle is important for your exercise routine because it helps to increase metabolism and burns off calories even when you aren’t working out. Free weights or weight machines can be used for the strength training that you need.

Of course, before you do any exercises, make sure that you always do some stretching. You should stretch before aerobic exercises and strength training. This helps you to avoid injuries.

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    • Eleanor
    • November 7, 2010

    I need desperately to get in shape. I’m approaching 40 and OUT OF SHAPE! So much so that everyday tasks are hard to do and sometimes breathtaking. I want to go to the gym, I feel better after I do, but gosh it is so hard to just GO. Any advise?

      • goodhealth
      • November 10, 2010

      Having equipment and fitness DVD’s at home can help. Then you can exercise and not go to the gym. Teaming up with neighbors is also a good idea. That’s what we do here. Then you have other people to keep you accountable and motivated.

    • Tami Eagles
    • November 16, 2010

    I was wondering if anyone has had any success with Reflexology? I tried one session on my feet and I don’t know think it makes any difference. Has anyone tried it and had any experiences with it?

      • goodhealth
      • January 5, 2011

      Yes, I have friends that are quite good at this and it does help. It’s especially helpful as a stress buster.

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