Music can Heal

There are lots of ways to maintain or restore our health; we can do it by having a healthy diet, going to the gym, and avoiding bad habits. In addition to diet and exercise there are many healing options. Dieting pills, fat reduction surgery, injections and more are a few medical treatments that may come to mind. Although people don’t often think about music, listening to soothing music can be very therapeutic.

Music is now openly accepted in some hospitals as a part of the recovery program for their patients. There are some studies showing that shows music can be a healing source for patients. Music can hasten the recovery period and boost the chances of successful recovery of a person.

This may be explained by how the brain reacts to the vibrations of the music that is received by the ear, which leads to hormones that aids in the calming or the stimulating of various systems of the body. Studies on how music affects the production of neurons in the brain show it is a great aid to the recovery of a person suffering from brain injuries.

Not all music can be helpful. In the 1990’s a study was done with 3 groups of mice. The all took around 10 minutes to get through a maze. The groups were listening to Mozart, Heavy Metal, and the 3rd group had no music.

After several weeks the Mozart group could get through the maze in just 1 ½ minutes, the group win not music took 5 minutes, and the mice listening to Heavy Metal music needed 30 minutes to get through the maze. They also found that the Heavy Metal listeners were becoming more disoriented and more aggressive.

Soothing music has been observed to lower your blood pressure and help you relax. Some widely used music for healing are joyful music, piano solos, harp music, Baroque music, and Classical music, like Mozart. If you are recovering from a surgery or a medical condition, you should play this kind of music even when you are asleep, and of course, don’t rely on music alone but also pray for healing.

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