Healthy Teeth

We always want to have that perfect smile, a smile that we are proud for everyone to see. We don’t want teeth that we want to hide, right? Some problems of the teeth include tooth decay, unaligned teeth and having sensitive teeth. Keep you teeth and gums healthy.

Tooth decay can be avoided by brushing the teeth regularly 2 to 3 times in a day. Using a dental floss is actually more important than brushing your teeth. Floss your teeth every night to help remove plaque that your toothbrush can’t reach.

Tooth decay is mainly caused by the presence of bacteria in your mouth, This damages the tooth’s enamel. Getting your teeth cleaned at least twice a year is an important routine.

Having teeth gaps can also be embarrassing. If you already have it, there are lots of available ways for you to correct it. Your Dentist can help you choose the best way to correct this.

Sensitive teeth can cause you pain, especially if you are fond of cold treats. Sensitive teeth is caused when your enamal is too thin. Thinning enamel can be caused not only by tooth decay but also if you brush your teeth too hard and are exposured to too many acidic beverages or soft drinks.

Gentle brushing and avoiding acidic drinks can help keep the enamel thick and you can avoid having sensitive teeth. And if you already have sensitive teeth, medical tooth pastes are now available in the market like Sensodine for example.

Always take care of your teeth, not only because it can help you enjoy great food even when you grow older, but it will help you maintain a nice smile, and boost your self esteem. For healthy teeth and gums – click here.

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